Ārtap is a framework for robust design optimization in Python. It contains an integrated, multi-physical FEM solver: Agros suite, furthermore it provides simple interfaces for commercial FEM solvers (COMSOL) and meta-heuristic, Bayesian or neural network-based optimization algorithms surrogate modeling techniques and neural networks.


Ārtap core and its dependencies are available as wheel packages for Windows and Linux* distributions:
We recommend installing Ārtap in a virtual environment.

pip install --upgrade pip  # make sure that pip is reasonably new
pip install artap


You can install the full package, which contains the agrossuite python package, as well,  by the following command:

pip install artap[full]

The latest version of Agros-suite can be achieved as a pip package independently*:

pip install agrossuite

*The agrossuite package currently supports only linux based systems.

You can find some Tutorials and open Ārtap projects here: https://github.com/artap-team/Artap-OpenProjects

Source Code

Source code is located in the Git repository. You can clone this repository.

git clone https://github.com/artap-framework/artap.git


If you use Ārtap in your research, the developers would be grateful if you would cite the relevant publications:

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: artap.framework@gmail.com


Ārtap is published under MIT license.