Key Features

Coupled Fields

coupled_problems-thermoelastic_actuator-small With coupled field feature you can blend two or more physical fields in one problem. Weak or hard coupling options are available.

Nonlinear Problems

rotational_induction_heating-nonlinearity-smallSimulation and analysis of nonlinear problems are available. Agros2D now implements both Newton’s and Pickard’s methods.

Automatic space and time adaptivity

sparkgap-adaptivity-smallacoustic_difusor-time_adaptivity-smallOne of the main strengths of the Hermes library and Agros2D is an automatic space adaptivity (h, p and hp) algorithm. With Agros2D is also possible use adaptive time stepping for transient phenomena analysis. It can significantly improve solution speed without decreasing accuracy.

Curvilinear Elements

Curvilinear elements is an effective feature for meshing curved geometries and leads to faster and more accurate calculations.

Quadrilateral Meshing

quadQuadrilateral meshing can be very useful for some types of problem geometry. It’s possible now using GMSH.

Analysis Type

heating_smallIn Agros2D you can choose between steady state, harmonic, or transient analyses.

Particle Tracing

electron_gun-particle_tracing-smallPowerful environment for computing the trajectory of charged particles in electromagnetic field, including the drag force or their reflection on the boundaries.

User Interface

Intuitive Preprocessor and Postprocessor

Agros2D v3.0 has friendly preprocessor interface for fast and intuitive modeling. You can take a glimpse on it in Screenshots.

Visualization of Field Variables

visualization_of_field_variablesThe application allows displaying scalar quantities in the form of color maps (2D, 3D), vector fields or contours lines.

PythonLab — Object Oriented Scripting

Agros2D uses Python as the scripting language. Due to strong support of this language in science, you can use a lot of libraries for your computations.

Material Library

Keep all materials you work with in one place. You can work with all types of properties, even nonlinear. The library is constantly updated.