Coupled problems

One of the major focuses of the Agros2D project is a possibility to solve multi-physics problems. Definition of a coupled model in the preprocessor is as simple as definition of single-field model. The use simply adds materials and boundary conditions for all desired physical fields and assigns them to appropriate labels and edges in the geometry. So far, the following couplings have been implemented:

  • Current field as a source for heat transfer through Joule losses.
  • Magnetic field as a source for heat transfer through Joule losses.
  • Heat distribution as a source for thermoelastic field.

More coupling possibilities will be available soon. There are several interesting features:

  • Individual fields may be considered on different parts of the physical domain.
  • For each field, different mesh (different element sizes, polynomial orders or refinements towards edges may be used). This unique multimesh feature of the Hermes2D library may increase the effectiveness of the calculation, since individual fields may need to be resolved with different accuracy.
  • It is possible to use any combination of fields in the calculation, even though there is no coupling available yet. An example may be calculation of electrostatic and magnetostatic field in “Electron gun” example, where both mentioned fields are used for calculation of path of charged particles due to Lorentz force.

Thermoelastic actuator example from video tutorial.