Agros is a multiplatform code

3D volume scalar view of the results - Ubuntu

Material settings in Kubuntu

Options and console dialog in Kubuntu

Settings of the materian on Windows 7

Examples in Windows 8

The field properties

The results of the heat transfer solution - Mac OSX

Flux density in homogeneous filed - Mac OSX

In the next screenshots you can see how does the work with Agros2D look.

solved problem setting field setting geometry creation
geometry control before solving material properties setting nonlinear characteristics input
automatic discretization 2 automatic discretization 2 problem solving
2D scalar view, contours, vectors adaptive discretization mesh view View of the informations about solution
local point evaluation surface integrals evaluation volume integrals evaluation
3D scalar view of the results 3D volume scalar view of results Particle tracing
PythonLab - script editation video creation